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400 Piece Disposable Dinnerware Set for 50 Guests

400 Piece Disposable Dinnerware Set for 50 Guests

  • Our eco friendly dinnerware set is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy convenient dining while also caring for the environment. This comprehensive eco friendly tableware package is designed to make your meals, gatherings, and celebrations not only hassle-free but also environmentally conscious. Make the responsible choice without compromising on quality or functionality. Enjoy your meals while minimizing your environmental footprint with our eco friendly utensils set – where convenience meets eco-conscious dining.



    What’s included in the set”?
    50 x 10" disposable paper plates: Perfect for serving main courses and generous portions of your favorite dishes.
    50 x 7" dessert appetizer plates: Ideal for indulging in delectable treats and finger foods during parties and gatherings.
    50 x 6.5" eco forks: Crafted from cornstarch, these eco-friendly utensils provide a durable alternative to traditional plastic cutlery.
    50 x 6.5" eco friendly knives: Also made from cornstarch, these knives offer a sustainable option for cutting through various dishes.
    50 x 6.5" eco friendly spoons: Crafted from cornstarch, these spoons allow you to enjoy your meals while minimizing your environmental impact.
    50 x 16 oz paper cups: Made from bamboo fiber, these lightweight cups offer a renewable alternative to conventional plastic cups.
    50 x 7.8" paper straws: These straws are a sustainable solution for sipping your favorite beverages.
    50 x 10.6" paper napkins: Convenient and environmentally conscious, these napkins enhance your dining experience.
    3 trash bags: Included as a thoughtful gift to assist you in responsibly disposing of your dinnerware.
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  • Care Instructions

    Hand Wash Only, Microwave Safe

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